I'm so pissed? What do I do?

There is this one person who gets on my nerves so much. At first, I was okay with them, but now they're just pushing my buttons. I'm tired of playing nice when I'm tired of it and I don't want to. Whenever I'm trying to talk to my friends, she cuts me off and starts talking to them because they want my friends all to their self. Then, they sometimes even push me out of the way. They're so stuck up one of my friends ass that they leave out my other friend and it honestly hurts me so much to see her sad. They don't like me obviously so they take every chance to exclude me and be an asshole then just play nice to me when I talk to them. Like? That's so rude and being fake yet I can't call you out because I don't want to risk losing my close friends due to rumors. I'm just so pissed. It's unfair. Like everyone thinks that they are soooooo sweet and amazing and I'm over here just smiling sarcastically like "fuck my life" because everyone else is so blind to it. what do I do?


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  • You need to stand up for yourself "listen up you dirty old nasty whore, i dont like you. You fckn fake. And you know what i hope karma hits you soon cause if not ima fuckin hit you myself and we all know you ain't gonna be alive after that." Yea and add some other details if you want

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