Help! My dog ate a lot of almonds over night?

I'm so worried. I don't know how I could forget putting the almonds out of reach because I know my dog will just go and eat basically any snacks I leave behind just didn't expect her to actually eat the almonds too since it's usually chocolate or something sweet that she would just randomly eat up.

I know that chocolate and some other human snacks can be toxic for dogs and even make them blind! Will the almonds be of similar risks for my dog?

She's a small/medium sized dog and I think she ate quite a lot for her size. I'm watching her now but she seems just fine, though there might be signs of her being sick that just show later? Should I just go straight to the vet about this?


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  • Although it could be bad if there was no adverse reaction in a short time my guess is that she is fine.


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  • Don't really know why this is on this site but... in general nuts are toxic to dogs. Almonds are hard for dogs to digest so some sypmtoms of illness might be vomiting, diarrhea and such. I would suggest giving the vet a call and doing what they recommend.

    • Okay thanks. I didn't have anywhere else to ask and on random internet sites regarding this, there were some that said it would be just fine and others that said it could kill my dog so I went on here.

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