Would You Rather Live With Your Parents Or Roomates?

I'm 24. I will be 25 in a month and half. A lot of people that I know have moved out right after high school, during college or immediately after college and have roommates. However, I'm a little smart than that (no offense).

After finishing college last year, I recently got an IT job in Janurary 2015. I've been living at home ever since, just working, stacking my money, paying off student loan debt (currently at $9,000... started at $22,000) and going out whenever I want (I don't have a curfew and I don't have to tell my parents where I am going).

What's so great about living with roommates when you can just stack money and live with your parents? At home, I can still drink alcohol whenever I want, I stay out as late as I like and I still meet women. It would probably be the same if I lived with roommates like everyone else. Also, if I had roommates, it would still be hard to have sex if I met a woman... just like it is hard to have sex with your parents around when you live at home. I couldn't just take her back to my place. A lot of people I have met who have roommates have told me it is hard to have sex when they have 3-4 other people still in the house when you are trying to "make things happen"

If I was going to move out, I would want my own place... not to live with roommates, which is why I live with my parents for now, save, pay off loans, buy a better car and then have enough for my OWN place with no roommates.

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  • I love living with roommates because I love having new experiences, so 18 years of living with my parents was enough for me, then it was time to try something completely different, which I did and I love it, I was able to learn a lot of new things. I like having people living with me.
    Everything in life has positive and negative things and this case is not the exception but I prefer focusing on the good things.
    Having roommates was just a experience I wanted to have :) and is super fun, I love it. I rather live like this at this age than with my parents.


Most Helpful Guy

  • For me, this wasn't so much the question because my parents eventually told me that they wanted me to leave. I am still studying (university takes much longer in my country than in the Anglo-American world) but it was time for me to go. It's not that my parents hate me or anything like that, they just wanted to have some space for themselves (which I understand, after having lived around your kids for ages). They wanted me to be independent and truly start living my own life and I think it was indeed time for me to do that.
    The thing is, once you start living on your own (without your parents I mean), you realize that it is still very different from living at your parents' place and being an adult. Like you, I didn't have to stick to any rules when I lived with my parents. They even let my girlfriend live with us for some time because she was in a difficult situation (she comes from another country). However, now that I live without my parents, I realize that it's still vastly different. Now I am TRULY independent and responsible for myself. My girlfriend and me have to do everything on our own. If we don't go shopping, there's no food in the fridge for starters. Nobody takes the trash out for me or conveniently does my laundry. Also, nobody does my administrative stuff. I have to fill out my tax forms myself (which is very complicated in my country, I don't know about your country), I have to make sure to pay the rent on time, I have to deal with the neighbors if they're unhappy about something, my girlfriend and me have to deal with the administrative authorities such as the immigration agency ourselves... if my girlfriend and me have any problem, we have to find a solution ourselves and fix it ourselves. And of course, we have to still go to university and study. So while this can be very exhausting, it also makes us very proud of ourselves. Now I truly feel like I'm an adult.

    Also, in my country it is completely normal to start living with other people (often friends) when you're in your mid-20s. Either, people move in with their girlfriend/boyfriend if they're in a serious relationship, or they move in with good friends or sometimes also strangers. We call this "Wohngemeinschaft", which can be roughly translated with "living companionship". In my country Switzerland, rents are very expensive. For a young person and especially for college students, it's usually not possible to rent an apartment on their own. This leaves them to the rather dull option

    • of moving into a single room, which is very hard to find and not cheap either. The alternative is this "Wohngemeinschaft". Basically, a few people (anything from 2-10 or so) get together and rent a house or an apartment. While the rent would be incredibly high for one person, together they can afford it. For example my best guy friend lives in a pretty big house with 3 of his other friends. The rent is around 4,500 US dollars per month. For a single person or even a couple, this is incredibly high. But for four people who all work, it's well affordable. I also have an old friend from high school who lives in a big farm house with about 10 other people. They even have their own barn where they sometimes organize parties or concerts etc.. The whole thing is a great concept cuz you live on your own (everyone has their private room) but you still have enough space and you never get lonely. Also, depending on the people you live with, you can have a very lively or a very peaceful home ;-).

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  • I hate people. I'd rather live with the ones who created me than learn to live with someone else. Plus, free food.


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  • I lived with my parents till I was 25 now I am 27. I have lived in a apartment with a roommate who is a guy for 2 years now we buy are own food pay half of the rent and bills and share some intrests and where cool. However it is hard having a girl come over because it seems a girl is always afraid that my roommate might hear us have sex or he might see her naked. But I rather have a roommate then my parents have that happen and it be hard to tell a girl that u live with your mommy and daddy. Also it feels rewarding that u can actually make it on your own even though u have a roommate but u don't have the fear that u failed being on your own.

  • Wow, you became financially stable quite young

    • Are you talking about me? Lol

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    • mehhhh... I don't think I am financially stable quite yet. When I posted this 2 months ago, I was at $9,000 in student loans... now I'm at $8,000 :/

      I've dropped the ball these 2 past months and have just been going out and spending money and having fun (kinda had a mid life crisis XD)... and now I just turned 25.

      I'm putting all the money I make back into student loans and I'm going out less again. However... on the bright side... my credit score is nearly 800. If that counts for anything XD.

    • well you make a decent income every month

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