GAGers! what are the things you hate whenever they happen?

title says it all... for me its when Skype gets messed up like:

GAGers!what are the things you hate whenever they happen?
what about you?


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  • You are in a heavy chat with someone, things turned badly and its about to turn into a fight. You desperately try to prevent it when suddenly... You must come downstairs and do the dishes. NOW!.

    But i am busy!
    - NOW!

    Anyone who ever lived at hope probably reconizes this :P


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  • A lot of things I see on the bus as I seem to be spending a lot of time on it as of late.
    -When people are sitting on the seats at the front where there are 2 rows alongside the windows. If the seat beside them is empty, they'll often rest their feet on this available seat. Putting their shoes where others will shortly sit down. Incredibly rude in my opinion.
    -Individuals who air all of their dirty laundry while on the bus. Nobody gives two fucks about how you'll make sure to get your baby daddy to pay the child support. Really.
    -When the bus is full so I have to stand, usually around the doors in the middle. When people get up from their seat as their stop approaches, they crowd me in front of the door, wanting me to get out of the way yet failing to realize the door is going to open and smush me into the wall as with them blocking em from the rest of the bus, I truly have nowhere to move to.

    • oh man lol

    • lol yeah... ok maybe the gif is a bit exaggerated but that's basically how I'm left feeling. Goddamnit, do people not realize I have to have somewhere to move to make room for them, and the side doesn't count seeing as how the doors on a bus open to the side? -_-

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  • When I can't find something.

    Or when someone tells me to look for something and I can't find it within a minute.


    When my charger just stops working. This happens so frequently. 😱

    When I click "Send it!" On GaG after finish typing up my opinion and it fails send and I have to login again.

    When it gets too hot!😣

    When I can't figure out what I want to eat.

    • i know this feeling man lol

    • Get a new charger or check that your phone isn't overheating. While you're at it check the spot where you put the charger in and make sure there's no damage or anything jammed up in there.

  • When internet stops working :P

  • I hate hangovers, and I have one now! :(

  • I freaking hate getting sore throats like wtf.

  • When youtube buffers, when I spill sth on a clean t shirt (happens all the time...), when I trip and fall, when I bash into furniture, when I have to get up and dressed :P

  • Pretty much everything, but its tolerable and not worth hatin' about :D

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