A girl I dont really fancy told me I am ugly and for no reason was comparing me to some other dude and a gorgeous girl told me I am good looking?

Should I be worried In terms of chances in the dating world?


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  • you didn't tell her you don't fancy her before hand did you? If you did that probably explains her comment, when people feel threatened, insecure or embarrassed they're more likely to want to inflict the same on the person who made them feel like than cue the low comments etc. The other guy is he hot or not?
    Hot: goal was probably to make you feel insecure / Inferior
    Not: goal to make you think your on par with someone probably notably lower making you feel insecure.
    If you don't like her, don't fret about it too much!

    As for the other girl, good on you!

    Overall I think you'll be fine and shouldn't have a problem finding a girl who likes you for you!

    • he was a decent looking chap, nothing out of the ordinary, neither am i. I think we would both be 6-7/10's, not more not less, i told her i didn't fancy her only after she called me ugly directly, it was rather rude, the other girl was rather beautiful indeed, i have a feeling she has weak eyes or sth lol

    • Then you're fine then :) 6/7 is ABOVE adverage. I don't think you have anything to worry about.

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