I'm glad my former employer who screwed me over went bankrupt, does this make me awful?

I found out today that my former employer who made my life a living hell went bankrupt today. They made several promises to me they wouldn't deliver. Like gas reimbursement for driving to a location that was 75 miles round trip 4 days a week. Ignoring my phonecalls and text messages when I protested this. Then found out they were reimbursing my female coworker for her gas expenses because she was sleeping with the managment. They also had a bad track record of underpaying my paychecks and wages. Today I feel warm inside knowing their boat has sunk.


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  • Nah that's natural, is you boss was really that two face then you're just being realistic, anyone would fell like that in your position :)

    • After he fired me, I reported my unpaid hours to the state. For every day they are late in paying a termination check, they get fined. It took them 30 days to pay those finds. Do the math. I got the last laugh.

    • Then good for you they sound like tw*ts haha ;)

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  • No, in fact, you are morally right for thinking that way.

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