Which tattoo should I make?

Im turning 20 soon and I'm really excited on getting me first tattoo. I want it to be really simple. Gonna place it on my left rib close to me boobs. Which one do you think i should make?


which tattoo should i make?



This is just the example, i prbbly would as me tattoo artist to add a bit of something to it to make it more interesting. Maybe add me cats name on it too.

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  • I am a big cat fan myself. With that being said I have to pick the 1st one


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  • The first is beautiful, with the thin lines and the delicate look, but the second is also really interesting and clever, so I recommend either of those. The third seems a little childish and probably not something you'd be proud to show off in a few years. Out of them all, considering the placement of the tattoo, I would choose the first one.

    • Yea i do like the first one but I don't know i still can't decide between the first or second😭

    • I just think that the first might look better on your ribs than the other one. The second might seem a little out of place, something like that is nicer on the wrist, in my opinion. The first would look awesome on the ribs/near your side, and if you got it the right way, you could pretend it's looking up at your heart :)

    • That sounds like a great idea! Thanks!❤️

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What Guys Said 2

  • I love the second one. Its minimalistic and very clever, took me a while to figure its a cat. You sure do like cats :D

    • I still can't decide between the first and second😭😭 thank god i still have 2-3 weeks to think about it! Haha. I do love cats maybe as much as you love rats😜

    • If you love cats as much as I love rats then you have a serious cat problem xD
      All 3 of them look cute lol so no matter which one you chose, won't be a mistake

    • Meh i think i love cats more than you love rats lol.

      I think im gonna look for other designs and think about it again hihi

  • Tattoos are hot! I like the first one.


What Girls Said 4

  • The second one really appeals to me, for some reason. I guess it's because I love semicolons.

    • Yea i really like that one too. But the first one is kind of cute

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    • Wow that looks really nice!

    • Yeah, the watercolor style is amazingly beautiful. It's a bit more graceful, I feel.

  • I want to do a dream catcher on the side of my rib cage and maybe wrap round to my tummy.

  • All of them ain't with it. If you want your first go for something dope but small. Those tatto you chose is so basic and common smh

    • Did you not read what i said after the last picture? Im gonna ask the tattoo artist to make it more unique but this is just the base. Jeez.

  • Voted third, meant the second aha :)