What would amortentia smell like to you?

today i smelled lavender from the yankee candle i have in my room and being the big nerd i am, i thought that lavender would be one of the things i would smell from the love potion. All together i would smell lavender, smell of rain, that old book smell, and my future soulmate.

for those of you who dont know amortentia is a strong love potion from harry potter it smells different to everybody because everybody smells the things they love the most in this world.


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  • First off, I freaking love Yankee candles :D

    I'm not sure exactly what I would smell. Probably a mixture of cucumbers, and garlic powder, and a horse barn. Doesn't sound like a good combination but hey maybe that works for me!


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  • My boyfriend's scent would have to be mingled in there, so I think it'd smell a little like how he smells (which is awesome), tea tree and smoke (like bonfire smoke, not cigarettes) because that's what I generally associate with him. I also think probably it'd smell like mint and hot tea <3