Girls, what would you think if a guy said this to you?

We were talking about marriage in general and what we'd want our weddings to be like. We're just friends but we used to like each other a few year ago and we never dated but we have hooked up a few times.

There's another man who interested and potentially wants to date/marry me but my friend told me to stay away from him unless I wanted the same (so I wouldn't lead the other guy on). He said that whoever I end up with will be lucky to have me and then he started saying "If you're still around when I'm ready to get married..." then he trailed off and kinda started mumbling.

He's joked about us getting married before but it's driving me insane that I have no idea when he was going to say!


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  • I would assume he was suggesting that if I'm still single when he's ready to settle down, we should try being together.


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