What do you think of this video (skip the video to 4:15)?

Just skip the video to min 4:15 , the rest is useless

I saw this video on my youtube homepage and figured why not ask for GAGers opinion? :p

I feel bad because I died laughing, but what do you think of their reaction?

In another video we can see that she randomly came to the guy and started touching him and he actually played the "I have a girlfriend card"

  • This isn't funny, it's legit sexual harrasement
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  • The guys are over-reacting, she's vulnerable
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  • You forgot the video :P

    • It was sexual harassment but at the same time it was a lighthearted/funny situation, you could tell he wasn't scared just more of an awkward uncomfortable situation.. he was even joking around with his friend around the end.

    • Thanks for mH! :)

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  • i would be scared lol!
    stuff has happened to me like that before, in HS

    This girl kept grabbing my hand and claiming we dated, she even followed me all the way home!
    it was very annoying!

    but at least i knew her from school! this is crazy!

  • So... Are you gonna share the video with us or what? xD

  • Practice my stiff arm... did it once for security... do it again

  • where is the video? :p

    • it's sexual harassment but it was quite funny to watch because the guys seemed to have fun too and weren't really scarred or afraid of here. with a different reaction from the guys it might have been completely different. and especially if it would have been a guy doing it with a girl.

    • Ouuuf haha I feel better now, I'm not the only one to find this funny :p Thanks for your opinion :)

    • haha don't worry ;)

  • Would you have laughed if the genders were reversed?

    • No I wouldn't that's why I feel bad for laughing but I still think it's easier for a guy to get rid of a drunk girl than a girl getting rid of a drunk away

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