Since statistics say kid (and people in general I are more likely to be sexually abused by someone they know (ex-boyfriend, family member, etc.),?

does that mean we should be extra cautious of who we date and avoid our own family members for the sake of our safety?

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  • You might be thinking about it wrong, or I interpreted your question wrong. For the sake of explanation, I'll use the term "molester" as someone who would be sexually abusive. Let's consider a male molester. Of all potential targets, he would likely target someone he knows, according to that statistic. From the view of a random person, any single person, family member or stranger, has an equal chance of being a molester. So if you trust a stranger vs. a family member, you have equal chance of being a victim, so it's useless trusting strangers over family. Even if that statistic were the opposite, there's the same chance that you'd have a molester in your family, you just wouldn't be a likely victim. The take-away is that knowing or being related to a "molester" doesn't make you less of a target.