Bipolar mom? Advice?

My mom is mean to almost everyone. She yells at people and makes them feel bad about themselves. She talks to people like they are dogs and tries to control them because she does not get what she wants. Me and my grandpa since we areliving with her everyday we get the worst of it. Sometimes she is nice to me (if she is in a good mood) and we hang out and have the best time together. But once she is in her bad moods or she feels like you did something to offend her she goes crazy and starts screaming at me like I am a piece of trash. She attacks my emotions a lot and tries to make me cry. When I try to talk to her about something that is bothering me she does not even pay attention to me if it is not about her she does not care. She always starts arguments with my grandpa screaming at him and making him cry. My older sister moved to another state to get away from her because of the way she was treating her. There is no winning when it comes to my mom she claims she is: never wrong, should be respected, deserves the best, and everyone makes excuses. When my grandpa and I get into an argument with her and we try to explain to her that she is wrong she will get louder and tell us that we are making excuses and she does not want to listen to our lies. She does not consider my feeling. If her friends told her something bad about me she will use it against me like "My friends think you are ugly and I am starting to agree with you because you wear that stupid sweater all the time". I am just sick and tired of her doing this to people I want to move out but the only reason I can't is because my grandpa is sick and I do not want to leave him alone with her. Advice


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  • This is a really tuff one. I don't have an answer. But I'll type and see what comes out.

    First, this doesn't sound like bipolar. People often mistake mood swings for bipolar. But the name given to it isn't really important.

    If it weren't for your grandpa, I'd say to just leave. But you already know that yourself. I really don't think there is an easy way to deal with someone like your mom. She obviously has issues. I'm sure she knows that too, even if she blames everyone else.

    Basically it sounds like her life sucks. Probably things haven't worked out for her for various reasons. She's taking it out on everyone else, but it's internal. Everyone, including your mom, can have a shitty life.

    There are only two things I can think of. First, maybe try to get her some professional help. I think this is beyond you, because you are emotionally too involved and physically too close. The second thing, is it possible for you and your grandfather to both move out and get a place? Can you afford that? Would he do it?

    In the meantime, you and your grandpa both need to stop arguing with her. I know it might be hard, but you can't play into it. You are kind of stuck between knowing what to do for yourself, and at the same time what to do with her. What's good for you, and what's good for her might not be the same thing.

    One thing you have to consider is that there literally might not be anything you can do about her. She has serious issues and those issues aren't going away in the near future. She'll change when/if she's ready, and may need professional help and maybe meds to do it. It might not ever happen. You might have to abandon her to help yourself and your grandpa. That might seem harsh, but you can't let her drag you down and ruin your life.

  • Ur mom is in affairs in which her boyfriend is forcing her for sex ever day she is tired that's why she talk very rude


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