Which type of people listed here is the most frowned upon in social standards?

  • Gay manly guy
    Vote A
  • Straight feminine guy
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  • Feminine lesbian
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  • Manly lesbian
    Vote D
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For fourth poll option i meant to put 'manly straight girl'. Since i can't change it, i might as well make this poll again some other time


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  • I'm a straight guy who was raised by an all female family. I'd say say were up there with lesbians and gay guys.

    Except it's easier for me to hide being feminine, than it would be for gay couples/people.


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  • I'd say a manly lesbian is most frowned upon... Although there are a lot of lesbians who prefer to look masculine, I guess it's frowned upon because 1. her sexuality isn't always approved of, 2. not only is she not straight, she's also going against her gender role. She kinda breaks two rules there.

  • The 2nd one.


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