If someone is at the hospital in extreme pain, shouldn't that be the only reason they can react?

While I'm very strict on the no aggressive ever be done on anyone except in true and real self-defense. I won't excuse getting cheated on as a reason to hit your partner either; you still deserve jail time.

Other than self-defense, this is my only exception:
If my potential boyfriend or husband has been admitted to the hospital due to broken bones and out of extreme physical pain, he reacts. Ok, I can understand in that moment.

Same as if I were pregnant, giving birth and I react and were to grabbed my bf/husband at the moment.

Those two seem extreme circumstance where you're in total physical pain (maybe even shock and compulsion too) and in the hospital. But that's it. Now if anyone tries to press charges because of that, this is the only single moment I would disagree.

So basically this is the only single (technically not in self-defense) that I can understand you weren't in a healthy state of mind nor physical of being yourself at that moment.


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  • So, Your going on about not being agressive to people, Then something about not hitting cheaters and then about grabbing peoples hands in child birth and pain?

    Im sorry but i have no idea what your on about, None of it makes any sense? Everything you said had nothing to do with the thing before it :/

    • this was in regards to a past question about a man posting about his wife slapping him while she's giving birth. In something extreme such as those moment, I think that deserves to be called an exception.

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    • Yes, I know that war was just made to get oil. I think one of the only true fair war was WWII. When I said fighting for your country, I was assuming in a case where your country is attacked on its own soil.

      True, there was instances where violence isn't even to defend yourself, your country or if you're in pain at the hospital. Overall, I don't think it should be use for other reasons than serious cases or as a last resort (ex. if the person keeps following you and you feel threatened after trying to get away didn't work).

    • Realistically though, If someone said something that really annoyed me, Even if they did it uninetionally, And i could have instead resolved the situation with words, I still think violence is a better option.

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  • I'm sorry but your question seems to make no since. What are you asking?

    • In those two situation where the person is in extreme pain (whether from giving birth or broken bones and fractures) and he/she reacts at their spouse; that should be an exception.

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    • “I wouldn't consider pressing charges in that extreme position. That's what I meant by saying that would be my only, sole exception”, isn’t an answer my question. What do you want to know? Are you asking if people agree with you on something? Are you asking if there are other situations that we feel it’s ok to hurt people? Are you asking when it’s a crime and not? Again, I asked you what you are asking and you say

      Three different people are confused by your question, so your question obviously has a problem.

    • First, if you have to explain that this question only makes sense if you read some other question, but you don't share that question in any way, your question is missing vital information. It would be like someone say to a waiter, "give me food". Sure the waiter has as food to give, but what kind do you want. You need to put the all the information is on this page only (Who? What? When? Where? Why?) or at least link to the other question so we can read it.

      Then you need to write a clear and concise question so we know what your asking. I. e. “So do you agree with me that it’s ok to hit someone when your in extreme pain?” or “Do you think these are the only two cases where physical violence is ok?” Otherwise we have no idea what you are asking.

  • I'm not sure what you're talking about at all.

    • this was in regards to a past question about a man posting about his wife slapping him while she's giving birth. In something extreme such as those moment, I think that deserves to be called an exception.

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