Why do I get more quiet and too polite when I'm drunk?

I'm normally laid-back and friendly, even somewhat sociable. However, when I get drunk instead of possibly becoming loud, I get more quiet than usual. Also tend to get too polite such as saying good night to all and how they are all the best people ever, etc.

I wouldn't compliment others too much but it does happens if I were getting drunk.

There came one day it was a bit far because I was almost spreading some of my money to others for no reason other than ''you'll all great''.


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  • Alcohol is a depressant. It can calm you down.

    Additionally, it may be a social thing. You have seen countless shows depicting people making a fool of themselves when drunk and don't want to embarrass yourself. This is rooted in your mind and so you withdraw when you drink rather than the opposite.

  • You are a quiet polite drunk.