Be honest. What prevails most , your heart or you rmind when you?

have to decide something? Do you follow what other people tells you when they advice you or you ignore them and follow what you decide beause you have to take a risk for better or worse and it may turn out the way you think it will be or it won't won't turn out the way you expect to turn and u may end up getting hurt, dissapointed , unhappy but it was your own mature decision.


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  • I try to balance it out in my mind with some input from others and decide with my heart from there


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  • I used to have a lack of faith when it came to my life's decisions. I didn't feel confident about my answers, and other people felt confident about their answers about me, so I took theirs instead of my own.

    But the truth is, as long as you understand why they believe what they believe, any answer you choose is the correct answer. Consider it, understand it, and decide from there. Same with instincts.

    Never choose an answer with only one source. Faith in others, instinct in yourself, experience in life, calculating the outcome; all of these play a part in any meaningful answer, and completely ignoring any of them is how people ruin their lives.

    I'm not saying you always need to do what your parents or your gut tells you. I'm saying you need to consider it.

  • Mind. Following your heart is like walking into a perfect glass maze: you're gonna come off worse than you went in.

  • The motivation for everything everyone does is ultimately emotional. However emotions can incline you in several different directions and to different degrees. The mind's proper job is to sort out these conflicts and come up with the best way to satisfy your strongest, deepest and healthiest desires.

    So it's not a matter of one or the other, they should work to compliment each other.

    • Im in a situation where I dont know which one to follow. Some have told me I should forget and move on and it was not my fault, others say I should follow my heart to know the true behind the reason cause is importand and I should out to be told why either to have a closure or not to the situation. Honestly I do want toi know the truth as I believe I have the right, that is what my heart wants, but theproblem is that I did end up liking this guy , especially for the many things in common I had with this guy, the chemistry, we never had problems before and I broke the ice so easily with him without no effort, and that is something I have never ever done in my entire life with any guy, just with this particular guy I could do it that easily, but on the other hand my mind tells me I should forget.

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