Say something in your native language please?

Aj ka din kitna khubsurat tha..
Translation :
Today was a beautiful day..


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  • "Bless your heart."

    Translated: "I know I just completely insulted you, maybe behind your back, but I kind of feel like a slightly mean person talking crap about you (which I am) so I'm going to end my insult with something nice. :D"
    Used in practice: "That guy over there-- the one that looks like a sloth crossed with a blobfish, is the ugliest person I think I've seen in my life, but aww, bless his heart."


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  • Well technically it would be luxembourgish for me but @Yumix already took that so here's another rare one for you :D

    Mol an latha math mu oidhche.
    Means: "The day should be praised only in its end"
    My grandpa used to tell me that when I was little - it's a actually saying because in Ireland people believe that if you're too early praising something good it might change your fate/luck and something negative might happen so you should always remain careful until the end.
    I think keeping this saying in mind actually saved me from ending up disappointed many times! :)


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