I do not like my grandma. Why does she keep bugging me?

- She lives in a bad neighborhood and tried to make me play with bad kids. When my mom told me not to play with them, she got snappy with my mom. Than the next day said the SAME kids were going to end up pregnant.
- I love being around my mom and my grandmother tries to break us up by arguing with me. She calls me a baby and bullying me.
- Her boyfriend who is a drug addict, gold digger, and abusive tried to flirt me. She did nothing! My mom had to intervene and tell him to back off.
- I told her not to bring up sex before marriage. She tried to shove her opinions down my throat and disrespected my religion.
- I was sick of her bullying me so I ran away for ten minutes and came back.
- When I ran away she said she was going to beat me and she had beaten me when I was younger and could not defend myself. I told her to bring it on. My mom had to tell her to back up before she roughed her up.
- She is always bringing up how slavery is wrong. Yet she is an uncle tom. She is acts racist towards white people but tries to copy the sterotypical things they do.
- She called my hair nappy and denied it. Than told me I did not look like my great grandma because I dark skinned and she was biracial.
- She talks to my mom for 30 minutes straight. I constiantly say, 'excuse me', because I need to talk to my mom. She says I am being disrespectful.
- I just do not like her.
- She says I stink all the time and tries to touch my hair when I tell her stop. I even tried to be polite about it;however, she is so freaking rude.

My mom raised me to be strong and not let anyone get the best of me. I do not like drama or haters. The fact she keeps talking to my mom is annoying. My mom does not want to talk to her because she made me run away, which I had not even dreamed of before I had to go around her. I want her to leave me alone!


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  • Why are you sepending so much time with her? You don't live with her so I don't get why you need to if you don't get along