If I leave him alone for good will he come back?

Last time i heard from my recent ex boyfriend, (Yes he was in another relationship) he said i was amazing ETC. He even apologized for breaking my heart. Well we lived a couple hours away from each other i guess he didn't want a long distance relationship. Well Weeks go by and I've sent quite a few texts to him and no response. So here I am confused. Anyway I ended up sending him a few really mean texts. and then i said 'consider this bridge finally burned' blah blah. Well i haven't texted him in a few weeks. I miss the hell out of him and I am still in love with him. Should I leave him alone for good and maybe he will miss me? Im trying my hardest to move on I've dated other guys, had sex with other guys, etc. Nothing seems to be working. :( I've taken tons of selfies since the breakup all of me smiling and stuff. I've not once made any kind of status update or whatever saying or making it obvious that i miss him. What else should I do?


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  • He'll move on like a normal person does. You should too

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