Would you have paid the brides bill?

I just read this story online about a Minnesota woman who was billed for not attending the wedding of an extended family member. She and her husband were supposed to go to the wedding, but last minute their mom called out sick and couldn't baby sit their kids. Since the wedding invite said, no kids, the couple stayed home and chose not to call the bride (one her wedding day mind you) to cancel because she figured she would be busy with the business of getting married. Cut to a few weeks later, and a bill arrived in the mail for "a precise $75.90, [for] the cost of two $30 Herb Crusted Walleye entrees plus a Service & Tax Charge." It also had a note that read: “This cost reflects the amount paid by the bride and groom for meals that were RSVPed for, reimbursement and explanation for no show, card, call or text would be appreciated.” The woman said she took a photo of the bill and then threw it in the trash noting that of course there were extenuating circumstances for her not being at the wedding and that in the 12 years she and her husband have been married, she's not had contact with the bride and groom, but only the brother whom the couple knows well. She said she may just donate that cost to a charity instead. What would you do?

  • I would have paid the bill. Weddings are expensive, I didn't call or show up, so I do respectfully owe her.
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  • I would have trashed both the bill and the bride!
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  • I would have called to simply explain my circumstances, but not paid the bill.
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  • I would not pay the bride, but instead donate the money to a charity.
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  • I would have sent a note to the bride, reading "When you two divorce, I'll send you a shipment of tissue worth the aforementioned sum. Good luck with your marriage, never contact me again."


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  • Maybe if she allowed children to be there this wouldn't have even been an issue lol. I'm not paying that bill! She and her husband can go suck an egg, if money is that important and they're petty enough to think this was a good idea I wish them the best of luck in their miserable marriage.


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What Guys Said 2

  • They sound like the type of scum who'd be shitty enough to pursue legal action and since it's too much of a pain in the ass for me to deal with I'd send them a cheque for the precise amount, covered in dog shit.

    • She would have no legal recourse to collect. You cannot bill guests of a wedding for the food, entertainment, and the like that you are providing for them because you invited them with the implication that all services rendered were free unless of course explicitly noted elsewhere, and in this case, the caterer sends the final bill to the bride/groom to pay for, not each individual guest, so the bride/groom are ultimately responsible for any charges.

    • Then I'd just ignore them.

  • Wow I didn't even know you could do that then again you could sue anybody for anything here no I wouldn't pay the bill unless I could go to court for it then I would pay it paying the bill would be a lot cheaper then paying for lawyers wow screw this system.;

    • yeah, that's the thing, you can't go to court if a person has no verbal or signed contract indicating that if she did not attend, she would have to foot the bill. And besides that, as much as people sue in this country, there would be no court that would take this case b/c it would be completely frivolous and for the aforementioned reason above. I mean court fees alone would cost more then the meal. This was just completely uncalled for, rude, and disrespectful on the part of the bride, and now as a result of the guests post, she has received the wrath of the internet though I believe the guest kept her name secret... but I mean, its the internet, they always find out who you are.

    • Well then I would say screw you to her and not pay it lol

What Girls Said 2

  • I mean, I'd pay the bill.

    If I were the bride I wouldn't bill them in the first place. Double servings for me and the hubby then, suckers :p

    • why then would you actually pay the bill?

    • 'Cause. If she's going to be a bitch about it I may as well.

    • I just recently came back from a wedding where not every table was filled with all the guests, but this is a party for which you have invited guests to attend for free. She cannot then charge you whether you attend or not, for goods and services. And being a bitch is precisely why I wouldn't pay her. I mean, the mom was sick and she said not kids, so technically it is the brides fault she and her husband could not attend.

  • LOL, that friend is cheap and petty. If she really needed the $80 then maybe she should have waited until she was more financially stable to get married.