Why does my mom call me biracial when I am African American?

I am not biracial, I do not like to be called a biracial. I am African American and comfortable with it. My skin color, hair type, and African Features do not make me insecure.


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  • Are both of your parents black? Because if one parent is a different race then you are biracial. It doesn't matter what you choose to self identify with, the reality is that you're biracial and there's nothing you can do to change that. Now if both of your parents are back and your mom is wanting to call you mixed because you have 1/4 something else in you, then that's stupid and you'd be just black.

    • Both of my parents' are African American. It seems like people in my family grab onto their ancestors ethnicity. They say they are white, Indian, Dominican, etc. They have this weird fetish of interracial couples and biracial people.
      I do not really care for that stuff. Both of my parents' are African American, that is what I am. Being biracial or dating a guy of another ethnicity is not really a big deal. At the end of the day we are all humans.
      However, my mom keeps thinking I am biracial because my dad supposedly had something in him. I do not know or care. Moral of the story: both of my parents' are in fact African American.

    • Sorry to say this but that's a classic case of self hatred. They don't think being black is good enough or special enough or unique enough. They're ashamed of themselves and don't want to be seen as black. They want to everything else in the book but God forbid someone calls them black. Things like that piss people off, I'm actually mixed and they don't understand the struggle and stigma growing up with multiple races have. My boyfriend is a black man, and even though they'd be slightly mixed because of me, I still wouldn't even consider that mixed enough. I'm glad you love yourself and aren't in denial like you're parents. Black people are beautiful and so unique looking compared to the rest of the world. I don't know why someone who's black would be ashamed of how beautiful they are. I don't think there's much you can do about their mindset, but taking pride in yourself is a beautiful thing, I admire you for that.

    • Thank you. I am so sorry for what you went through <3 However, dwelling on it only gives them power. I try to forget about the bullying and mean words.

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  • You not African American your black or American if everyone had to include their origin no one would be American.


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  • Racial definitions vary, and even people within the same family can decide to identify differently. You are what you are, identify as you wish. :)

  • I mean are you biracial? As in heavier concentration of half African/Afro-American and Caucasian. If you are than that's biracial if you like or you just go with whatever ethnicity you prefer to identify with or whatever your mother is.

    • No, I am not biracial. I am African American... it says it in the title.

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    • Lol, yes I am a kid. I do not know why you are getting so offended that I said I am African American. No, I am not biracial.

    • I'm in no way offened in the least bc Im in no way confused about my ethnic identity. I think you just sound a little slow to grasp the point here, but that's besides the point maybe. Then she must be trying to justify the history of what it is to be African American and trying to make you seem more "exotic".