How are you all?

Just wanna know how everybody's day went! I skipped all my classes today for like the 30th time this month, bc I really hate college with all my heart and I like to run from my problems, so I had a nice relaxing day at home today. How bout u guys? Everyone deserves to have somebody just ask them how their day went, so yeah! Get it all out! :) :)


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  • Thats so sweet my day was great! but i too avoided my History 339 class! it was a big mistake!!! but the work load is ridiculous, i am going to withdraw from it :( i understand the struggle! please feel better :)
    Please try and email all your professors and talk to your advisor! before its too late
    if you truly can't remain in college or dont want to, there are so many other things you can do :) good luck!

    • Withdraw? Yikes! You don't mind a big fat W on your transcript? I'd withdraw from my math class, but it's required for me, so withdrawing it only puts off the pain for another semester. So I'm just riding a sinking ship and avoiding the class, bc every time I show up I flunk a quiz. How many classes are you supposed to have, to just be able to withdraw from a class without worry? I'm required to have at least 4 to remain a full-time student, so if I withdraw I'd have to put myself in another class ASAP. And that's a terrible idea, showing up in a class this late in a semester. That would be like hopping from one burning boat into a burning AND sinking boat. Geez, college is terrible in my opinion...

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    • Really? I always thought a W was like admitting defeat. And then when other colleges see your transcript they're like "lol this is a sign of a quitter" and toss your transcript in the trash. But you're not the first person to say an F is worse than a W, so you know, I think I might consider doing just that...

      And I'm glad to hear you want to be a fireman. I have a friend who moved to college in Massachusetts, and she's a fireman now. She hugs dogs and cats that she saves in fires, and posts them on facebook. Seems like a really helpful hero-type job to me! I hope you'll be successful with that endeavor!

    • thank you so much!
      feel better and i hope you have a bright future ahead as well :)

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  • 30th time this month? Does that mean that you've skipped the entire month of September? 😳

    Well today was fun, or at least, I did not receive any creepy notes on my locker or had unwanted stuffs happen so yeah I guess I'm fine. :3 I'm gonna go to the city soon and snap some pictures and hopefully, buy me some nice clothes too ahah 🙈

    • lol I'm 4 days late, but I hope you did all that and had fun!! And silly me, I was just exaggerating about the 30 times, I think I've realistically skipped between 4 or 5 times really... :))))))

    • ahah I feel like this post was a long time ago when in actual fact it's actually 5 days ago 😅

      Thank you! (: I did have fun that day

      ah 4-5 times is okay I guess, I've skipped a whole week of college 🙈

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  • So why are you wasting your money? College isn't a good fit for everyone. You should quit and find a job instead.

    • Meh. I already have a part time job at a restaurant. I'd drop out and pursue something else, but I don't think it's a good idea, especially when people around u always tell you not to, and how people who dont go end up as bums and all that. I rather not discuss all that though, I'm not really one to dump out or vent out my issues online. How are you though? Hope your day has been nice.

  • it was decent

    my fav socca team won an important game and I finished this math homework

    • What team, if you don't mind me asking? And glad to hear you did your homework! You're already 10X better than me for doing that!

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  • I've been better, honestly.

  • I'm on holidays, which kinda sucks cause I'm one of the people who absolutely LOVE school! My day's been alright besides that though :) Thanks for asking

    • What holiday, if you don't mind me asking? lol, maybe it'll give me a good excuse to tell my professors why I was absent from class today!!

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    • DARN! lol, i was hoping for a jewish holiday, or boxing day or national pancake day, SOMETHING to excuse the fact I skipped class. I guess I'll just face the consequences tomorrow! How was your holiday break though? I hope you enjoyed the heck out of it!

    • Good luck! Well I haven't really done much so it's been pretty quiet. I go back the week after next week :)

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