Why would he take her side?

I know this guy who I tried being friends with.

There was this jealous girl that got in the picture.

I guess he may have tried to feel like I'm dominating him, (I wasn't, I was trying to be his friend), so he reacted to that, is my opinion.

I never understood why he always used to choose her over me. She was pretty, but it's not like I wasn't. She wasn't even that smart.

I remember feeling as though he picked her because she was white and I wasn't. Not to say that white people are bad, the ironic part is that it's the other races who aren't white who are the real racists. '

THEY think others who aren't white are less and THEY discriminate, not realizing the irony about the entire picture.

I hope I don't get attacked on this question, because I'm not spreading hate or accusing any race of anything. I'm just pointing out the irony that racism is sometimes sadly experienced from those of your own race.


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  • Well honestly it they havee feelings for them iknow because honestly my ex boyfriend was the same way and to this day I still find out things and they will say they don't but they do aND they would do anything to make that person happy. ik u wonder cause I did and I knew it I didn't want to fast the fact so I had to learn the hard way so my opinion is leave it alone now so u don't get hurt later on when u find out the way I did cause what I went through was bad

    • What do you mean that they say they don't? I'm sorry you had to go through so much pain.

    • I mean they will say they don't like each other but in the end they do they just don't want to say anything. it fine with me cause it made me who I am today and I figured out who I can trust and ik that was a path that was going to make me stronger as a person