Did I screw up the interview/informal meeting?

I applied to this firm that had a 13% acceptance rate, (literallly when I calculated the numbers).

It's crazy.

There was an informal meeting, and I was rude to the recruiter. I showed up late and the entrance test didn't go well, in fact I'm scared I may not pass.

Is this 'shot' over. I can't believe I did that. What kind of an impression must I have left off with.

I have the recruiter's email address and was thinking the only thing I could do was try to salvage the situation with some kind words (kept very brief)


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  • Being rude is a sure killer. The question is if you were really rude or if you are just being hard on yourself because you are nervous. If you were really rude, kind words now will just seem insincere. You follow up with a standard thank you email, highlight a couple things you have going for you and be polite about it, then let it go and chalk it up as a lesson learned. I always think of interviews as a "right fit" evaluation. Your cv and phone discussions have already established you have the capability,. The interview is about figuring out if you are the best match available, will you fit in, are you a match for the culture. Now picture being rude and imagine hiring that person... not likely to happen unless they didn't think you were being rude.


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  • Well to be perfectly honest I don't think contacting the interviewer will change anything. Showing up late and not doing well on the test likely will end the matter, but it's ok everybody has to do many interviews to find the correct job.

  • Send and apology email along with a nude pic and you should be fine.


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