What's the reason you do negative thinking?

I've been wanting to ask this for a long time. Negative thinking causes people to do stuff that are bad for them and could possibly hurt them or kill them. And i want to prevent that. That's why I want to ask you guys, what's the reason you do negative thinking?


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  • Negative thinking has a lot of sources to of sources to pull upon.
    First, it's the peers around the person. They either gave out a negative outlook on xer or they just plain out ignored xer. The peers in question involves family, friends and the community.
    Secondly, it's the area itself. (You might be surprised at how the surrounding environment affects people.) The area itself might impose a very negative message onto the person and they felt rejected by it (yes, rejected by the area.)
    That's speaking from and external source, internally (which involves the psyche of the person) also plays a part. They then became accustomed to it and it grew on them. They loss purpose and it just goes down the hole in the end.
    Lastly, "Stuff hurts you, when you let it hurts you" What I can draw from here was that they lack the motivation or belief in their own self that they just accept everything thrown at them.

    That's why all those terrible things happened. Hope it helps in showing some light to your question. XD


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  • One simple answer 'insecurity' that also translates to many things includin fear of failure &/or loss :)

  • because life sucks

  • Because my mom pisses me off.


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