Girls, What's the latest a woman could show that she is pregnant like have a bump or morning sickness, do some woman show at all?

Writing a short story regarding two star crossed lovers and about two almost three months later she (unknown) to either of them is pregnant. But I don't really know if some woman would not know they were pregnant and if so what's the latest they would show?


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  • Most women would realize they're pregnant by two or three months. Heck, most women realize it by 4-5 weeks, which is when they've missed their first period and start feeling sick (4 weeks pregnant is actually 2 weeks after conception. It's calculated by the date of her last period).

    As for when they'd start showing, that depends entirely on the girl. My cousin carried her daughter all the way to term without anybody realizing she was pregnant. Her sister made it 6 months before anyone found out. But I would say most girls get a bump around 3 or 4 months.

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