How is my English writing?

This is my English writing about irregular urbanization. Are there too much grammitical mistakes or wrong use of verbs?

Growing cities is not a problem of just people living in that city anymore. Problems created by irregular urbanization effect the economic system of the country and social peace negatively as well. City centres are snarled up all over and liveability of the city is decreased. Transportation snarled up and not going to work cause a waste of time, labour and money loss and this causes people escaping of city centres. A large percentage of people who work have to come far away from the city centre. People who migrated the city recently doing squattering not only cause undeniable ugliness in the city but also unhappy and restless society. People become hostile to both the society and themselves


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  • There is definitely room for improvement, although I do not want to correct you on any grammar mistakes since I am not a professor or hold any valid credibility to myself. You should take English classes at a community college near you if you can. They will drastically improve your reading comprehension and writing skills.

    • Is it very bad or neither very good nor very bad.