I broke up with my boyfriend and we remained friends but, do you think this is a sweet thing to say to him?

I broke with my boyfriend today and we remained friends and I just wrote a message to him, do you think this is a sweet thing to say to him? My boyfriend name is Isaiah.

Here's the message:

Isaiah if I hurted your feelings. I know this has to be hard for you. It was hard for me to say that I was breaking up with you because to be honest, that was the first time that I broke up with a guy. You were also the best boyfriend I have ever had because the other guys cheated on me and probably wanted me for sex and you didn't, and I appreciate that a lot <3 I want to let you know that I still care about you even though we're friends now, I will always care about you. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you sooner, I just thought that after I broke up with you, we wouldn't be friends anymore and it would ruin everything. I know you're going to move on from me sooner or later. You will find the right girl for you who won't do like I did to you, and hopefully y'all will stay together longer than we did. We can still walk together when we go to the next period if you like and we can still talk to each other if you still want to talk to me, it's totally up to you. I wish you the best of luck Isaiah, love you (as a friend).

So do you think this is a sweet thing to say to him?

@Paris13 , @scuff1986 , @PrettyRican , @smahala1991 and @Applefan1 can you answer this one too :)


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  • Awww Ashely that is sweet. Yes, it is a good thing to say to him.

    • Thanks @Paris13

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    • @Applefan1 lol thanks :)

    • Thank you

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  • Sweet as apple pie with this shy guy, @Ashely_Princes, and by you explaining yourself the Mature way that you Did, you are no Kid... He knows he has a friend for life with never any strife.
    Beautifully put, a message that he will most probably cherish for a lifetime, you being his First Love and all.
    Good luck, enjoy your newfound freedom. xxoo


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  • You may be one of the most mature 14 year-olds I have ever seen. What you said in that letter was extremely sweet without being dishonest. I don’t think you can do any more than that. However you should also realize that he is probably really hurt and as dumb as this is, it is common for guys to mask hurt with anger. He could still be mad at you for quite a while but that is more due to his inability to cope with his own emotions that with anything you did.

    • Thanks and yeah true, thanks for answering :)

  • Don't send that.

    Your heart is in the right compassionate place, but sending that will give him false hope that you two will get back together.

    • Oh ok thanks for answering

  • very sweet :) You did the right thing

  • That was pretty brutal to send right after a break up. You should have kept it short instead of making it sound like a love letter... I imagine its going to hurt him more if you two are friends, however only time will tell.

    • Oh and thanks for answering

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  • It is a beautiful letter for him! 😊

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