How to say, "I am of German and Native American Descent." in Spanish?

How would i say that in spanish? i'm in Spanish class and we're doing a project and have to talk about ourselves in Spanish. No Google Translate please, I need spanish-speakers to answer only.

would "yo soy aleman y indio americano ascendencia" be right or "yo soy ascendencia aleman y indio americano." or what? I'm confused.


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  • You would say: Yo soy de ascendencia indio americano y aleman. It's almost the same as what you were saying, only with the 'de' which makes it translate to 'I am OF German and Native American descent' instead of just 'I am German and Native American descent' which is what your phrases in Spanish literally mean. ( Yes I am a Native Spanish Speaker, and I'm also taking college level Spanish even though I'm in high school.)

    • Thank you :)

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  • Ok, so the correct way to say that is: "Yo soy de acendencia Aleman e Indio Americano"
    I know it might sound a bit weird, but in Spanish when you have a "Y" followed by a word that starts with an "i" sound, you use "e" instead of "y" The point of this is to avoid saying "i" twice, it's similar to saying "an" instead of "a" in English, I don't know if that made sense.
    Orr, you could just say "Indio Americano y Aleman." I kind of explained that first part just in case xD

    Hope I helped and if you have any more questions you could totally message me or ask me on here :)

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