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Ok, so there's this girl I met in school about 5-6 weeks ago. I started talking to her and she is so pretty and attractive. She lays on my shoulder some times in class. In class she told me "I wish you were my age because your so cute and we could of went out. She tells me this again two days later and says " I really wish you were my age" this time I asked her "why I have to be your age" and she smiles and says "if I lay it on you, you wouldn't know what to do" and some other sexual stuff. Then one day I asked her to pick me up from school, long story short she bailed and the next day she grabbed my face and started kissing on my cheek and saying sorry. Here is what I need help on. she's in 11th grade and im in 10th im 15 turning 16 next month and she's 17. I like her so much but she smokes everyday no exaggeration. and I have a problem with that because I don't smoke. and I want to hang with her but my parents are a little strict when I mention the words this girl. We keep on talking about me and her going out on the weekends but I know my parents will act negative. So my question is how can i get her to go out with me and if so how to make he stop smoking (p. s she doesn't look like she smokes and she had a ex she still has a little feelings for"


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  • Leave her alone, you're only going to be hurt and disappointed


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