What to ask a police officers?

I have to interview a police officer and I need to come up with good questions that are in relation to the criminal behavior and the police officer. So, any questions that have to do with criminal behavior while patroling the streets, etc.


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  • I've heard that all the gun-ho kids and the easily excitable make the worst police officers. Ask a lot of hypotheticals and just choose the ones who will take the safest course of action / wind down the situation / disarm the conflict.

    Unlike the military which (see posse comitada) is designed to blow away enemies, the police have to get to the bottom of things, be good negotiators, and so forth, while making arrests when laws are actually broken. Cops who work good in teams are very effective.


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  • Are they scared to do their job?
    What's the worst thing that happened?
    Do they ever question their judgement after the fact?
    What's the easiest and hardest part of the job?


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  • what made him decide to become a police officer?
    while profiling is illegal in most places do you find it difficult to not profile or have biases?
    what do you think are the motivating factors behind criminal behavior?
    are you overly concerned with the danger you sometimes encounter?
    what are ways to discourage criminal behaviors?

  • Oh you're doing a ride along! I had the option in choosing that or attending a court case for my criminal justice class. I ended up downtown sitting in on a murder case.

    You plan on becoming police chief one day?
    Have you ever been offered sexual favors?
    How true is the donut stereotype?
    Be honest, do you flash your lights in traffic just to get by and run reds even when there's no emergency?
    What's the foulest thing you've ever seen?

  • Has a criminal ever offered you a bribe


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