What's the difference between self esteem and self confidence?


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  • Basically self esteem is the value you see yourself having in the world. ''Am I worthwhile human being?'' Answer that question with a yes and the chances are you have pretty high self esteem.

    Confidence, on the other hand, is related to action, it’s a belief that you can succeed at something.

    Good luck.


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  • Self-esteem is how much of a cheer leader your own brain is for you. So, if you think men are supposed to be 6'11" and have a 10" cock, and are losers if they're not on the top 5 spots of the Forbes 100 list (if that is your barometer for how "valuable" you are in society or as a person), then the "difference" or "gap" between your litmus test standard and reality is your self-esteem. Such a guy would have a low self-esteem, and this is a recipe for either depression or narcissism.

    Conversely, if the expectations of your litmus test are reasonable and grounded, and you are okay with not being a special snowflake but a mere raindrop in an endless ocean, then you can learn to love yourself in a healthy way and have a reasonably normal self-esteem.

    Finally, if your standards for yourself are too low or generous, you run the risk of being too easy on yourself and having an artificially high self-esteem (which is not good), because then you will feel entitled to more than you should reasonably expect from the world (and this will leave you feeling consistently unhappy).

    Self-confidence, on the other hand, is not the same thing as self-esteem. Self-esteem is how I feel about my value in society and as a person. Self-confidence is how I approximate or estimate my likelihood of success of attempting something.

    If I stand up in court for the first time, I might feel nervous, because I have no frame of reference of past times where I have had success. So, I don't feel confident about how likely any action I will take will lead to a successful or positive result.

    A man walks into his interview feeling "self-confident," because he has been on over 50 interviews, and 80% of the time he gets a call back. He has also rarely had an awkward experience, and never had a negative experience.

    He also has a healthy sense of self-esteem, because of his education and experience. So, he feels secure with how much he is worth.

    Hope that helps highlight the difference.


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  • Self esteem means you do the right thing for your body and mind. Self confidence means you are proud to.

  • They are more or less synonymous with slight difference which is why both words are often tossed around in the same conversations. Self-esteem involves a person's inward self-worth whereas self-confidence is more about you trusting your outward abilities.
    In vs. out.


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  • Usually, self confidence is a direct extension of self esteem. Someone who has self esteem, may still lack self confidence but it can be gained. But someone who doesn't have self esteem, it becomes way too tough.