Why do I think everything is about me when people laugh with one another?

Im gonna start school in 2 days and the people in class laugh and talk a lot. Whenever someone laughs, i always feel like its about me and look at them to make sure... why am i scared of someone even looking at me.. if there with someone or not, if a guy looks at me.. i get a feling he's talking about me.


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  • Aw this is a horrible feeling :( . It's called spotlight syndrome, where people believe they're noticed more than they are, so if you do something awkward in public for example you'll be very embarrassed, when in reality not that many people will have seen and almost none of them will care that much. Everyone has it to an extent.

    This isn't helpful probably but having been picked on in school I've found it hasn't gone away, I'm still wary of big groups of teenagers when I'm out, even though I know they're just trying to enjoy their day and aren't even really aware of what I'm doing probably.

    If it's really bothering you, you just need to have a little word with yourself in your head really. Breathe. Remember that everyone else is self conscious too and probably worrying what you're thinking when you look at them.


    • I try to keep me smiling when im not so smiley inside but i usually look at the bright side, at least other people are happy and dont have this..

    • Lol, also if i do something awkward in public and the streets are empty.. u still feel weird.. my minds sucks lol

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