Would/Do You Write on the Publc Restrooms' Stall Walls? If So, What Would You Write?

Writing on the public restrooms' stall walls really aren't my thing, but if I feel/felt led to, I'd write;" God is Able to do just what He said He would do."

What about you? (Doesn't have to be spiritual btw)


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  • lol ok... confession. I've done this before 😂
    it was for a good cause though i swear!

    ok so i was in the bathroom and in front of me on the door was this ad about depression, so naturally i started reading. anyway, around this ad, i kid u not there were at least 50 empowering messages written by women who had obviously been there before lol. stuff like "you can beat this", "you're amazing", "never give up" etc so I'm like damn this is cool.
    so i wrote "you are beautiful, never forget that" with a little <3 on the side.
    =] #girlpower


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