Sponsorships, how do you get them?

A friend of mine has suggested that I should reach out to a supplement company that I use all the time to see if they would grant me a sponsorship as a aspiring bodybuilder. Would it be worth me sending them a email telling them my story and my goals etc and giving it a go? Or would it be a waste of time? I'm 17 by the way


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  • If you never try it, you'll never know. If you do nothing you already lost, if you try you can get it. Go ahead, you got nothing to lose.

    • What should I put on there? Just about my progress, goals and how I believe in their products etc?

    • Why not? Put everything you said on there. Say that they would help you a lot and stuff like that.

    • Ok, it's worth a shot I guess. I mean I already recommended their products to my friends haha

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