Girl hanging out with a Guy that advised Raping her?

I really don't get girls... Ok 3-4 weeks ago i met her and others at an international party. She's from Guam and returned to Korea to live now (she's korean) after living her whole life there.

During the international party, she gravitated towards him because he had a girlfriend and said she felt comfortable since he was taken. Conversation arose talking about if any of us would marry. He was sitting with his girlfriend laughing at the question and was like "nooo, no chance, why settle".

We go to town and go to bars after together as a group. 5 including me, her, the guy and his girlfriend and 2 other older women. We get drinks and she ends up getting REALLY drunk of it. I was asking her if she was ok etc and the guy tried carrying her too as i did. I told her "no more drinks ok!". we're in a new bar, she is dancing and i'm dancing and begins grinding on me.

Then she goes the bathroom to throw up... the guy while his girlfriend is there too "she's faking it, she just wants to fuck".
"Get her a few more drinks than take her home"

I told him "thanks but no thanks mate, i'm not going to do that"

She comes back and I got water for her...

We're dancing again and I thought it would be wise to take her away just in case.
I'm about to leave and told her to come he wants to tell me one last thing. He suggests again

"listen, i think you should take her home to yours or you won't have a chance again. If you want, get her another drink or you can just take her back, she's up for it"

I leave with her to a new place, we're kissing and she's drunk but recovering but i tell her. "we're not going to do anything ok".

she has this guy on facebook, accepted him as a friend. She was clueless to what the guy suggested and was convinced that because he had a girlfriend that he wouldn't be interested in fucking her.

I gave her a reality check telling her that it made no difference to him and about him suggesting i fuck her after giving her drinks. She was a little shocked because as she said, he had a girlfriend.

He suggested to hang out and contacted her on Facebook. I told her that "he wants to FUCK you" I guarantee

She's convinced he doesn't because he invited her to a restaurant to "meet his friends, he wants to introduce". I said "it's just a way to butter you up you know... "

So she'll be meeting him next week... i just give up saying anything to her now. She doesn't get guys


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  • You did all you could. She seems very naive. I hope she is safe but what is your question?

    • she's still a friend but i don't want her to basically get raped... i know how guys think and him enough to know that he just wants to fuck her. which will happen given the opportunity. she can't honestly think she knows fully what to expect

    • Maybe you need to re-emphasize what he said last time and also address the fact that she can't handle her alcohol. It seems to me, he only has a shot at assaulting her if she is too drunk to know what's going on.

    • i told her, a few days after meeting her after she told me he added her and was asking to hang out. I told her how he suggested i buy her more drinks than fuck her.

      i just told her today (i assumed she got the idea before so never told her) that he contacted me a few days after asking if i scored.

      I told her that it's naive and he views her as easy... i asked her why the fuck would you go with a guy that suggested raping you basically... she's like "did you think he might genuinely just want to be friends and meet up"... i'm like thinking i give up

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  • bro I see where you're coming from but until it actually happens you can't say "I told you so" just yet. or in your case, a guarantee lol.


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  • She's an idiot. Let idiots be.


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  • You people are a circus.

  • if she's walking around and stuff dancing then she's not drunk enough to consider it rape. you should have fucked her.

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