How to deal with living at home again after living abroad for a long time?

I lived in the UK for a year, traveled outside the US before that for some time. It is hard to explain, but I keep having random... panic attacks... Knowing I won't be back over there, or see all the friends I made over there again for a very very long time.

I know this sounds like complaining some, I have a pretty solid home life- my parents are great and not controlling at all and I have my own car- but I still keep mising having my own flat, and just being in a city and with people my own age everywhere..

Any tips on how to reaclemate to my home life in the US?


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  • i like how you used the word "flat". it sucks and kinda boring when you get back, especially if you live in a small town like me. but you get used to it. I don't know how the food was in the uk, but after i came back from italy, i had a hard time eating because i was used to the food there.

    • haha yea, I still say a lot of UK things... General groceries were better- not as many GMOs or whatever. Cheese is a tough one too, how did I ever eat American Cheese?

      Anyway I live in suburbs, but its allll families, like they get upset if anything is open past 11 and they all have nothing else to do but worry about their money and kids.

      I just keep randomly getting super upset about not being over their anymore, that that part of my life is over. But I still function fine, this only happens maybe once or so every few days when I am trying to go to bed, but it is still enough to freak me out

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    • See, I just am no where near in a financial position to travel for like 10 years at least.. too many damn student loans. But good to hear about your travel plans, and yea you are right... I am moving back to a big city ASAP. I would love to move permanently abroad, but I just don't see that being in my cards financially...

      Good to hear form someone else with the same story. I don't know a single other person here who has traveled abroad here, no one even has a pass port... So they just tell me to suck it up, but have no way of understanding it all...

    • yeah, student loans haven't exactly hit me yet, haha! but i studied abroad 1 summer since i studied italian (i literally learned a language just to study there). but i also will save enough for myself where i can do that. also, choosing jobs that allow you to travel also helps. that way the company pays for you to see the world. i almost worked for adidas and their training program is in germany. boom. free trip to germany for 2 years. also, moving abroad is more about skills than finances. you have to have a skilled need to move to a country unless you have a sponsor, which is also near impossible... or get lucky and find a foreign chick to marry.

      yeah, i'm not a city person... i just need stuff to do. or, i'd need a chill city and/or a place with a beach to live in (my dream city is savannah). also, the town (and area) i live in is full of dickheads.

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  • I would try visiting some places that puts me in nostalgia, especially if it has to do with food.