What's going to happen for teasing a beggar (even if it's the first and last time)?

It was 4 of us; my guy friends and I. Not problems at home, we were just simply bored, saw the beggar and teased him for some time; a bit of shoving around and singing but nothing else.

I'm a junior in HS while they're all seniors. Not sure if this might be kind of harsh but while two of them are already feeling guilt (to the point of insisting that we should go back and say something about it... weaklings; I've always the leader in the group), I don't feel that terrible. Just that this is the first and last time ever doing this.

Though, this is like recorded is it? I have a good 3.80 GPA and would suck that this ruins it all.


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  • Damn, straight up narcissist. At least you're honest about it. It's shitty that something like that can't be fixed over the internet.

    To answer your question, I doubt hassling a homeless guy would really effect your schooling. You might get scolded by your parents, lose some privileges for a week or two, and have to submit an essay to the school stating why you're sorry. Schools would avoid arresting a minor for something like this, especially since no lasting damage was caused (except maybe to the homeless guy's esteem).

    If your friends confess, you need to be there too. If not out of guilt, then necessity. Word will come around that you are a bitch, and it's better to lie through your teeth with a false confession than be honest about how horrible you are.

    • I guess it's a disorder then. Now come to think of it... it must be bad not to feel that bad about anything. All my guy friends (two of them already feeling guilty and wanting to apologize) and Daniel who is the 2nd second in the group after me has thought about it a bit too.

      Somehow I'm the only one that always feels strong and not apologetic.

    • Guilt is recognition of your damage to the world around you. Recognition to your weaknesses. If you don't have that, then you are oblivious to what makes you weak. You don't know if your existence has value, since you can't compare it accurately with other people. Like saying your rock is worth as much as a diamond, because it's your rock, and you deserve to sell it like a diamond.

      Pain is used as a reminder that there's a problem. Not having guilt is like saying you can't feel pain. If I were to slowly stab you, how would you know? If you were to ruin everything surrounding/controlling your life, how would you know without guilt or empathy?

    • You do make a point. For certain time, I've seen myself kind of different from others. I guess this it'll eventually come in time I'll know what it feels like to feel really bad.

      Though I know I may appear cold, this is a good explanation. It makes sense.

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  • What goes around comes around. Payback comes when you are caught off guard. There's no point in asking this question because it's obvious you don't care what you did anyways. You don't even feel any remorse


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  • First off, let me say: Wow, you're a right twat.

    It really depends on who saw you, if anyone. If it was an adult like a teacher/old person, then they could have reported what you look like from what they saw of you. I don't really know how serious it could be, but there is a definite chance that the police could get involved. In which case, things could go quite nasty, job/prospects-wise.
    Say what you want, but I hope someone saw you.

  • "There's a bitch name Karma, and she's mean as fuck" -Lil Herb

    It'll come back to bite you in the ass. Pretty fucked up and childish what y'all did.

    • We were super bored. That's when Daniel (one of my guy Friends) and I came with the idea at the same time.

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    • Wow you're a cunt (and I rarely use that word) fah real. I hope Karma get you really good. You and that fuck boy Daniel or whoever the fuck he is. Hoe shit.

    • I'm being honest about not feeling bad. The other alternative is fake an apologize while not really feeling it.

      Interesting how feeling bad and having guilt makes you good but not having those feelings (expressing all types of feelings except guilt and remorse) all of the sudden doesn't.

  • Damn. .. you're pretty cold blooded. How could you do that to another person? And you also view remorse and the urge to apologize as weak? You need to make some big changes in your life and get right with your sense of humanity.

    • I think I've only apologized a couple times in my life but that was usually for bumping into someone by accident but other than that no. Even though I might appear kind of cold (even my guy friends say I can be colder than them), not sure if it's wrong to actually not feel that bad about anything.

      The two guys are upset with us and now they think about finding that guy to apologize (the beggar has been seen several times by others so we have an idea where he can be) and have insisted on it. Then Daniel (who is the second leader, after me), though he's just as strong, he's kind of been thinking about it a bit too.

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    • @Doffydood damn why didn't i see troll written all over this lol

    • I must admit, she did a good job.

  • You're English isn't great lol. And yeah, you should feel bad about it. It won't ruin your grades, no. The guy has no way of knowing your name or reporting you, so there's no way you get in trouble. That doesn't make what you did right however. But hey, if not getting in trouble makes you happy, then whatever helps you sleep at night. I have no way to make an anonymous internet person do the right thing.

  • Go back apologize and give him some food

  • People like you are what's wrong with the world.

    That's the nicest thing that can be said about you, really.

    • Other possible disorders are treated. Suppose I'm a possible narcissist as someone suggested, well since that's also a disorder, I'm assuming it can be treated too.

      I've know for the longest, I'm kind of different from others.

    • known

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  • That s disgusting.
    You re just a kid and I guess you had it pretty easy till now.
    The time will come, when you ll be in a weaker place and need a hand to reach out to, I hope that that same hand will slap you in the face.

    • I'm thinking it must not be normal to not feel that bad about anything. This got me kind of wondering because two of my guy friends already feel terrible and want to apologize to the guy and Daniel (the 2nd leader in the group after me) has thought about it a bit; he can be firm but not as me.

    • I really don t know you so I can t say.
      Compassion comes when you put yourself in someone else s place. You understand his pain, why? Because you can familiarize with it. Because you felt it.
      When you re not able to do that, it s most probably you hadn t feel any great deal of pain for now in your life. That s why i said you had it easy.

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