How do I get a circumcision?

I am 20 and uncut coz well, i am indian, most people here are, but i really do wanna get rid of the foreskin since, i can't retract the whole thing, hygeine reasons and also, its a good 6.7 inches so it will appear amazing too.


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  • Circumcision is the number 1 cause of "JEWISH DICK DISFUNCTION" which caused by the mutilation of his foreskin prevents him from getting all the way hard right away or from getting anything more than a semi and preventing him from feeling any real sexual pleasure. There are support groups in America for men with this problem and I hear there are experiments going on trying recreate a prosthetic foreskin. Hopefully one day thise amputation victims may be able to get their foreskins back when scientists learn how to regrow human tissue


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