Got the weirdest brochure in the mail box this morning? Should I tell people in town about it?

1. The company is apparently both a wholesale meat and a dog breeding business.
2. There were a lot of obvious spelling mistakes such meat and come were spelled as meet and came. There are too many spelling errors to state.
3. The brochure states they are the reason why there are no ice skating rinks in my town. The reason why they don't want an iceskating rink in town because it would stop him (the boss) from using his fleshlight.
4. There is a lot of crayon graffiti on the brochures. Mostly of leaking penises. A few swastikas there as well.
5. There was a lot of racist stuff in it. Such as chinks eating carp with a smeer of diarhea on top and kill the jews.
6. It also states that they perform abortions with a rusty old chainsaw. It also states that the abortions don't go to waste because they would be used as ingredients in their products.
7. They claim what they do is conservation work so animal welfare would leave them alone.
8. Some of the meat products are just wild rats fed talon and what ever they find in their bins.


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