Is your area being affected by hurricane Joaquin?

I'm on the east coast. It's raining a lot here. Tomorrow it's going to rain all day. But rain is nothing copared to the damage a hurricane can do.

I read that it probably won't hit the Atlantic coast of the US. So, anyone from an affected area?

  • Not at all
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  • It's raining, but that's it.
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  • It's very bad, windy, rainy, and I hope it doesn't get worse.
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  • I'm in an affected area.
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My hometown and the surrounding areas are flooded.
Roads are being washed away as fast as the cars.
Sinkholes are popping up everywhere.
Large portions of the interstate are shut down because of flooding, road erosion, and accidents.
Boats are having to move stranded people to their homes.
General chaos in my state today.
Thanking my lucky stars I moved further inland for college.
Hoping everyone is staying safe.


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  • Well, I'm from Virginia so we're getting a lot of rain and there has been some flooding happening here. From what I have seen though it doesn't look like we'll be impacted that much from Joaquin, the latest news said it's path will stay off the coast.


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  • I'm in Massachusetts and it hasn't seriously hit us. If we do get anything it won't be until sunday/monday.

  • I live in Florida, thunderstorm and sinkhole capital of the US, where it rains every other day (it's raining right now).

    Yet we haven't been hit by a hurricane in over 10 years. 8) #SuckIt

  • I live on the east coast but I'm not close enough to the coast that I'll be really affected.

  • Im in a bad area, I hope it doesn't move 3000 miles that would really suck because vishnas trailer would land on my million dollar house... then who's going to be able to jump in the hot tub? NOT me Because the damn things crushed! I mean seriously I am going to have poor people stuff everywhere! Its like kenny mcCormic moved to town.

    Lol I am well aware of what hurricanes can do, hawaii is the number one contender and i know it sucks! Aside from florida... and new-orleans.
    Any-who I hope everything is alreaight make sure you nail your dog to the windows and put the boards in the kennel
    But seriously be safe:)

  • I live in North Carolina they are calling for 7 to 9 inches here


What Girls Said 1

  • It's been really windy, rainy, and chilly here. It has knocked over some things in my parents' yard already. However, I do not think it is supposed to get any worse here thankfully.