How do I stop wanting a women?

Im homeless no car and just started working a couple ads ago. I really need to focus on myself cause no one will ever give me a thing in life so I gotta work to get it. Every night I find myself wishing I had someone to talk to and hold, not even to have sex with just someone to be there, i honestly feel alone. Ik god is with me though I see his hand in everything. I've been praying he takes this urge away from me bc all it is doing is trying to Mae me depressed and I have no time for depression. I hope and pray someone gives me a good answer I need to stop thinking about this cause it hurts my heart to know I'm almost alone.


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  • Just focus on yourself and getting your life together. You are not alone.


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  • First of all, I feel the same way man. I proposed to a girl over a year ago and see said yes and later rejected me for another man that she brought up earlier and it's been hard to get over, my mother has cancer and my identical twin brother fell 30-40 feet from a bridge while cycling (he's a live and recovering, God actually gave me a sign that he was going to make a full recover). Truth is, I've been through enough to know that the only answer to joy is through God. God designed you to want a woman in your life, that urge will never go away. He also designed us to be visual, that urge will also never go away. I hate to say it but, you just got to deal :/ I am, and if I can you can do it. Through my struggles I've become a strong man and I continue to work on improving myself by becoming obedient to Christ and doing things that make me happy. Heck, I like roasting coffee, so I roast coffee, I like getting ripped so I focus on that. You're doing fine, just hang in there and love your life, things will fall in place! :) But your desire is real and it burns in me everyday and I do get lonely, but I know God is always with me, so that helps.


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  • How are you connecting to this website if homeless? Your smart phone still paid up? That said, You can find a community of people to chat with here.