Do you need to be told everything in order to understand?

usually telling me a little bit about what to do or something is enough for me to get the idea and start making assumptions and starting to form my own opinions to understand the situation , and it usually works and its exactly the way i imagined it , but i realized there are people ( lots of them actually ) who need to be told what to do in detail or else they fk up , iam not talking about solving a physics equation ( i suck at math by the way ) i am talking about real life jobs, problem solutions, and just social situations where you have to be sharp enough to understand everything on the get go or else you're going to face a hard time cause no one is willing to inform you about the situation and get in depth , i dont normally ask people i pick up some words or ask for a very specific something and it usually allows me to know exactly whats going and what needs to be done , but as i said lots of people need to be told in detail what to and whats going on... so what about you? anyone you know is like that?


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  • consider u r charismatic then... as u said not many people r capeable to understand unless they have da full picture...

    i need as many details possible to understand better personally...