I have a lonely duckling, what do I do?

I know this isn't a GAG question but this site ususally generates good answers. Now, I have a single duckling. My boyfriend purchaced five from the markets and his little sister accidentally killed four by feeding them weetbix which must have expanded in their little bellies and killed them. I decided to take the last one home, as he had them in a dirty cage outside. Clealry he has no idea how to look after baby ducks. I don't either, but I know a cold cage isn't good for baby anythings.
I've been handling it a lot and it's very cue. I baught it some chicken starter to eat and I have it in a box overnight with a blanket. I'm planning to buy two more tomorrow because I know it's lonely. It won't stop peeping and it's breaking my heart. I have to leave it alone in the box just for tonight because I have an indoor cat who can't wait to eat it lol
How do I get it through the night comfortably? How can I make it happy enough to fall asleep? It really is tearing me appart to hear it peeping for me all night. It's 2 am and I can't sleep. :( :( :(


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