Why are there so many assholes?

I played football yesterday with some random people at this club.

I offered to go in goal first, and that every should take their turn.

After 15 minutes (a game is 90 mins long) and we were 6-a-side, I asked if someone could swap with me.

I asked this guy and he said "Oh I can't play in goal"... I mean, I'm a fucking centre back normall, not a goalie, I can't play in goal for shit but I still did...

So I ask "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" and he tells me to "fuck off"?

Some other guy Rugby-tackled a mate of mine, I told him to calm down and the guy was like "I'll put you to bed"... what a gay response lol


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  • He deserves to be beat up. " I 'can't' play goalie", what's the reason for him not wanting to play goalie? O. o
    I'm assuming, it's probably some selfish reason, lol.
    To be honest, the thing you did wrong was your response was a little harsh, instead of saying, "what the hell is that supposed to mean" you should have "what's that supposed to mean"
    You don't want to make rude people even more rude to you. Those two guys seem very arrogant. Well, there is nothing you could do about it. We're in this world full of good and bad people :/


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  • I'm assuming you're from England by the way you said that. Fucking chavs man, I hope they all die. They serve no purpose.

    • Yes I am. This is a Uni football team too, begs the question: how did he even manage to get in? He wasn't so much a chav, he was a thug/bully.

      Must be really, really insecure.

      After the game he left in quite a hurry.

    • A Uni game you say? Dude, I swear like Uni is where everyone makes friends and has the time of their lives. Sounds like fucking highschool man.

      All of my friends in freshers this year are having a blast judging by their Snapchat stories.

      What Uni are you at and what do you study dude?

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  • Maybe it's time to make some slightly more mature friends. Maybe try a different football club :)

    I can't stand the kind of selfish nonsense you're describing, they'll grow out of it and if they don't they'll live very lonely lives.

    • They're not friends, not even people I know, they're in the same Uni as me and that's about it.

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    • I should specify SOME men, not all men obviously, I have met some of the nicest kindest most thoughtful men at university. There does however seem to be a disproportionate amount of testosterone fuelled behaviour at uni compared to real life... Probably a combination of sudden freedom, the bubble of campus life, and the lad culture competition issues...

  • Everyone is an bit of a poo sometimes... Also are you using gay in a derogatory way? If so, please stop... Otherwise no worries...

    • Regardless, it was a gay response.

    • Hmmm... I wasn't there but it doesn't sound like it to me... Personal opinion though...

    • No shit lol... it's another way of saying "I'm going to beat you up"... but it can also mean "I'm going to have sex with you".

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  • "Yeah you can" chucks him the gloves and jogs up front.

    • We were wearing gloves lol

      I was ready to just leave the goal empty.

  • There is at least one asshole for every human in the world.