For 900 million euros 1st one's for girls second one's for guys?

Girls would you?

1. lick unwiped dirty butt holes on tv showing your face and stating yourreal name once a year for the next 10 years.

Guys would you?

Suck off and swallow 10 guys on TV showing your face and stating your real name Or...

This one's for both guys and grls. Drink a 12 oz cup of paint thinner mixed with 10 oz of liquid morphine or smoke pcp laced meth for 2 months straight.

I forgot to add for the guys that they would have to do that twice a year for 10 years.


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  • The "just for guys" one sounds so much easier than both the others. Licking unwiped assholes (or any assholes at all) is just horrifying, not to mention unsanitary. Drinking paint thinner & liquid morphine/smoking PCP laced meth are incredibly dangerous to your health, and chances are you'd be dead by the end of it.

    No amount of money is worth dying, or getting incredibly, painfully sick. Sucking dicks and swallowing is a fucking walk in the park, the only thing that would get hurt is the guy's fragile little ego about his sexuality.

    • Why you say that?

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    • That's the problem with what you said. Because you just expect a girl to be able to suck dicks like a sex machine, but suddenly if a guy is going to suck one, it's horrifying. It's discriminatory against women, and gay men alike.
      The women's "challenge" is genuinely horrible, as it risks actual health problems.
      But the men's "challenge" could only possibly come close to being equally dangerous if one of the people being 'sucked off' had an STI.

      Let me reiterate:
      The women's punishment is licking up shit, which would most likely cause health problems, and is horribly degrading.
      The men's punishment is swallowing cum, which (given that there are no STIs present) will not hurt them, and women are often /expected/ to do this anyway. The only thing hurt in this situation will be the men's pride, because being/acting gay is apparently the worst thing they can do.

    • Exactly if they're straight. And it could still pose a risk because one wouldn't know if they have a STD or not. Even if they're gay or bi. You could also not do it at all... Its not like you're being forced. Its just a question.

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