Help I really like my best friend's guy friend but I never met him in person I just saw him on Facebook. Am I crazy? What's wrong with me?

How do I get over this dumb crush?
@anon wow you are a coward for blocking me, oh well you are just another irrelevant troll


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  • If he's Single it's fine but if your friend would be asking him out, just wait to see when the timing is right to ask him out.

    • No, your not crazy if you like the guy and he is Single ask him out , cause your friend might like him but her feelings for him may not be true and or genuine.

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    • That's ok
      It's funny how all the anon users are commenting then blocking me Its very cowardly and they are afraid

    • Yeah anonymous shouldn't be mean and there needs to be a regulation with that for sure
      i believe we should be able to report and remove rude anonymous questions.

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  • I think we have All at one time or another have seen a pix of Someone, whether he is on TV or even on 'Facebook,' and have gotten This... Dumb crush.
    However, you have not Met him in person' but it isn't to say that he isn't up for grabs. Just out of curiosity, tell her you think he is sort of cute and what is His... Story?
    Stranger things have happened.
    Good luck. xx

    • True thanks

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence, and I liked this Question... Been there, done that. xxoo

    • So welcome, any time. xxoo

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  • Haha, you cray!

    • How?

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    • You don't know what you are talking about

    • You don't get it you never met Scarlett johannsen but you still find her attractive which is why you want to bang her. You couldn't even get a girl to like you anyways

  • Having a crush on someone you don't know is a bit crazy.


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  • Not really. I had a crush on someone I've never met before (but only after we talked for a few months and got to know eachother) and we ended up dating for about a year.