Elliot rodgers or elliot hulse?

whom do u respect more?

  • elliot hulse
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  • elliot rodgers
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  • whos Elliot Rodgers?

    Elliot hulse is the dude on youtube right? i like his stuff, some times he gives good advice on life...

    • elliot rodgers gave advice on life too then took away his own xD

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    • just google him lol, he was a sexually frustrated guy who killed himself because girls weren't into him

    • Oh well in that case I have no respect at all for him
      Anyone who doesn't value their own life doesn't deserve respect

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  • ? flklrkflkflrkflkrlfflliiirrrr

  • This is how sad virgin sex obsessed who can't get laid are. They came to the point they actually pay respect to their fellow virgin immersed in hate that turned him a mass murderer.