I'm starting thinking become loner?

I'm seriously giving my hopes on fiding love.

I'm bi.
My first relashionship was some good ages ago where i was 13/14. Was with a guy that lived on Jordan, i was together with him for almost 1 year and half. The reason why i broke up with him was: After 1 year of stick together with him, i could notice he was starting putting huge ammount of likes on others girls and guys photos with putted me very jealous everyday. I talked to him if he could stop doing that, he said ok i will, passed 1 week he started again, that i got control my jealous, because i was getting used to it but most of times i got very jelaous even when i was trying controlling it. Then he barely talked to me, i could notice he was different but he deny it, i holded on those 2 things for half year (6 Months) i couldn't handle it more and broke up with him.

Then i started like a girl.. I helped her in many situations, show her how special she is to me, and got friendzoned. I tried for 2-3 years, then i got tired of trying

Then i started playing, met a girl, who atm she is my best friend and loved her many times. Same as old one, i helped her in personal life situations, show her she is special, being cute, friendly, etc.. She said only see me as a "brother" and then i got friendzoned

After while a girl said she was starting liking me.. Well i liked her like a little before she told me, this time, i went slow, not asking her to become my girlfriend imediatly but.. slow.. after few days she asked me for time and.. i got friendzoned..

Now this summer, i met girl in past and we were in relashionship for 4 weeks.. She said staying with me keep reminding her past and she wants to forget it, right now i'm helping her over emotions. I got jealous each time she was hugging a friend of her

Now.. I'm forgetting a crush, i started like her, but she is starting liking another one.. so i tried for nothing aswell..

I'm thinking become loner, what's your opinion if this happened to you?


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  • Being a loner is easy and cool. Just go for it. The worst that could happen is you develop some kind of psychosis from being isolated for too long, but that hardly ever happens.

    • That's is my fear.. Develop some kind of psychosis, wich i don't want..

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