If someone traded bodies with you for a day what kind of body and life would they get?

Who would they see in the mirror? What if it was a member of the opposite sex? Who would you hope to trade with?


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  • they would see a very self centered , emotional , dramatic , giving , optimistic, pretty girl

    lots of dancing , really hot showers , writing poetry , , volunteering , observation , once in a while smoking alone

    so life style comfortable but lack of excitement

    if the guy is a simple as i am then yes would not mind changing with him

    • forgot to mention horney as fuck during period plus masturbation daily two times a day sometimes 3

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    • Oh my... I masterbate that much too! :) hey if you time it right you might just miss that other less fun thing lol

    • it's only 3 times when work is stressful or when im with my boyfriend which is on the weekends

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